Game Background

At a remote unknown age, there is a continent named Carlos. It is a kingdom just like in the dream, mystery and beautiful. There are a mass of hills, mountains, lakes, oceans and plains in the area. Also there are many dotted islands lies around the seaboard of the continent. Variety of resources abounds in the Carlos continent. The combination of full-bodied forests, loquacious stream, beautiful castles and villages make Carlos just like a mystery world which isolates from human being.

   On the Carlos continent, there live many different tribes, including Human, Undead, Elven, Beast, and Monster. Each tribe is fighting with each other for their own private benefits. In order to terminate this fighting situation, and create a peaceful and harmonious society for all of the tribes, a capable and dominant leader is necessary to supervise and maintain the continent

   Now you are coming to this continent as a king of a tribe, you will have to coexist with thousands of players in the same out-of-order world. All the players you confronting are full of enthusiasms, dreams and big ambitions. So it is very important for you to know how to protect yourself, how to develop yourself, how to make yourself stronger in the fighting world by using all kinds of skills and strategies. As you like, you can choose wars, peace, alignment or betrays. These world will be changed with your strategy.

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